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Discover the power of somatic therapy in reclaiming your emotional freedom.

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Being a Founder = Hard Mode

Being a founder is absolutely amazing.

It's also really hard. Between the existential angst of establishing product-market fit, ensuring there's enough runway to survive, and the never ending to-do list...the emotional pressure can really build over time.

If you've been feeling overwhelmed, isolated, or perpetually anxious, you are not alone.

72% of Founders

Struggle with Mental Health

Symptoms can include anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, burnout, and more.

7.6 / 10

Average Loneliness

The journey often leads to isolation and disconnection from loved ones.

81% of Founders

Hide Their Stress

More than half of founders hide their stress from their own cofounders.


High Potential Startups Fail

Because of founder burnout or unresolved tensions between co-founders.

*Startup Snapshot (7th Edition)

Founding Story

I've Been There Too

Hey! My name is Simar (like 'simmer' down). 👋

Through my time as a venture-backed founder and fund manager, I've witnessed firsthand how emotional debt can build while running a startup. Every missed expectation, every no from investors, every customer complaint, every cofounder disagreement - it all builds up.

In my case, the emotional buildup led to a painful co-founder breakup and burn out. It was in my own quest to recover that I came across Somatic Therapy as a way. Not only did I find a greater level of emotional regulation as a founder, I was also able to clear deep trauma from my body that had been limiting my capacity to succeed.

For the right nervous systems, Somatic Therapy is a powerful way to release emotional debt and transform beliefs that may be holding you back. It is this inner resourcing we make more accessible through Mana.

What We Offer

Full Stack Somatic Care

We help you clear through emotional blocks that show up, unlock the intelligence that lives in your body, and create space for you to become the best founder you can be.

1-1 Somatic Sessions

Work with a vetted, world class Mana practitioner to slow down into your body, release stuck emotions, and unburden your parts.

Founder Signal Thread

Receive additional tactical and emotional support from fellow founders through our private-access Founder Signal thread.

Community Town Hall

Join our bi-weekly community town hall to celebrate milestones, ask questions, and connect in real time with other Mana founders.

Daily Practices

Access a library of daily practices designed to expand your capacity, deepen your presence, and help you get more out of your somatic sessions.

Dedicated Care Team

Check in with the Mana Care team whenever you'd like to review how you're doing and align our services to your most present needs.

"Starting a company is an emotional journey—it's intense, terrifying, exciting, and overwhelming all at once. While coaching and talk therapy can be helpful, somatic therapy feels transformative, like unlocking emotional superpowers. I can't imagine navigating the ups and downs of startup life without it."

Tony Bruess

Founder, Overcast Network


Our Pricing

All Somatic Sessions are 60 minutes and held over Zoom.

Sliding scale payments available upon request.

$350 / month


1 x monthly somatic session

60 minute Onboarding Call

Dedicated Somatic Practitioner

Bi-Weekly Town Halls

Founder Signal Thread

Monthly Checkins

$650 / month


2 x bi-weekly somatic session

60 minute Onboarding Call

Dedicated Somatic Practitioner

Bi-Weekly Town Halls

Founder Signal Thread

Monthly Checkins

Daily Practices

$1250 / month


4 x weekly somatic session

60 minute Onboarding Call

Dedicated Somatic Practitioner

Bi-Weekly Town Halls

Founder Signal Thread

Monthly Checkins

Daily Practices

Concierge Support

"Founders face unique challenges that set them apart from other leaders. Often, they find themselves merging their company with their own identity, leading to feelings of disembodiment and profound loneliness. Mana addresses this deeply personal issue at its core, offering a heartled and transformative path forward."

Lisa Q. Fetterman

Board Member, Crisis Text Line

Frequently Asked Questions

"As a former founder, working with somatic therapists has been foundational to my journey recovering from burnout, moving through emotional blocks, and finding deeper aliveness in my work. I'm incredibly excited about Mana's approach to increase access to somatic therapy."

Jonny Miller

Founder, Nervous System Mastery


Become The Best Founder

You Can Be

Somatic Therapy

What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic Therapy is a form of body-centered psychotherapy that utilizes the mind-body connection to heal emotional pain at the root of our unwanted experiences.

"I've seen firsthand how somatic therapy can provide a transformative path for founders struggling with burnout. By reconnecting with their bodies, they can uncover and address the true sources of their stress and open the door to more resilience, creativity, and capacity to handle their work and lives."

Caitlin Clarke



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